Collecting Freckles Every freckle has a story behind
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It was snowing outside when I was born on a cold Latvian winter night. Now I come from Europe, but at that time we were part of the Soviet Union. Growing up in these times of change gave me very permanent “it’s getting only better” feeling for the rest of my life. Sometimes so powerful, that I couldn’t wait for the better to come so I went looking for it… What have I understood? It is the matter of spirit. And my spirit needs to be free into nature.

I grew up in my grandma’s rose gardens, vegetable beds and wild tea meadows. From a girl to a woman I was raised by eco cosmetics brand Madara. Few years ago I left my job in an advertising agency and since then I have been collecting freckles and stories. Every time I look in a mirror, I see planting of corn and new underground caves discovered in Mexican jungle. I see picking mushrooms and berries in Latvian woods and marshes. And I see myself dancing around a fireplace in the deserts of California. There are walks on the beach, climbing in the mountains; there are sunrises, sunsets and swimming in the moonlight. There is a cold nose and hands dirty with soil. I see a reindeer in Lapland, a scorpion in a bed, turtles on the coast and a white rabbit but in a forest. And I see inspiring people next to me. Exactly to them I’m very grateful for this difficult-to-describe experience. But I will try. And if it inspires you too, it will be our common victory!

Why do I need all this? Glad you asked…